A barn dance is a rare form of entertainment, in that it is suitable for any age group of mixture of ages.  This makes it an ideal event for a birthday party or wedding, and a thoroughly enjoyable social event for PTAs, church groups, schools, clubs & societies etc.

The key to a good barn dance is participation.  Yes - that means you! But don't panic, no previous experience or ability is required.

A caller (or MC) will organise the evening, explaining the movements of each dance.  All you have to do is step onto the dance floor with a partner, join up with other couples to form dance sets and follow simple instructions from the caller.  The dance figures are easy to follow and there are no complicated steps to learn.  Once everyone has walked through the dance, it's time to dance it to the music.

The band will play lively traditional folk music for the dancing that is guaranteed to get your feet moving.

There will be plenty of time to get your breath back and have a drink before the next dance is announced.

Don't worry if you do not arrive with a partner.  At a barn dance it is socially acceptable (and often expected) that you will dance with different partners during the evening.  Don't be afraid to ask someone to dance - even a stranger.  It's just a dance, not a marriage proposal!

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